Designed in Germany

Because our NOVSTA car and truck batteries are designed in the heart of Germany -the leading manufacturing global player in Automotive industry , we know which batteries quality level the European-made cars demand. Plus, the central Europe location of Germany allows our customers to  ship their order quickly and affordably.

There are many components to the average automobile engine that are important, but few are as a critical as having the right battery under the hood. Even with fresh, German-quality motor oils, clean filters, and a full tank of gas, your car won’t start if the battery under the hood isn’t ready to go. NOVSTA batteries help ensure your car starts anytime, under any conditions, because they are high-quality German products mean to withstand the elements and deliver high performance.


Our complete line of quality NOVSTA Batteries



Car Batteries Truck Batteries Motorcycle Batteries Jet Ski Batteries
Car Batteries Truck Batteries Motorcycle Batteries Jet Ski Batteries
High performance cars, such as Porsches, Audis and Mercedes-Benz, are designed to start instantly. This design can tax an ordinary car battery and cause it to need to be replaced sooner than it would need to be on an ordinary car.
That’s why using car and truck batteries designed especially for high-performance vehicles, like those batteries made by NOVSTA, is so important.


Don’t your customers deserve a quality battery like our NOVSTA batteries? To learn more about stocking NOVSTA batteries, contact us today.


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