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Powerful Instant Start


High performance cars, such as Porsches, Audis and Mercedes-Benz, are designed to start instantly. This design can tax an ordinary car battery and cause it to need to be replaced sooner than it would need to be on an ordinary car.

That’s why using car and truck batteries designed especially for high-performance vehicles, like those batteries made by NOVSTA, is so important.




SMF means Sealed Maintenance Free 100% maintenance-free – battery does not need any water topping up.

With Ca-Ca technology, Use of Pb-Ca alloy ensures very low water consumption and self-discharge.

Unique look & Longer lifetime.

The battery can be stored for 8 months without any losses of its parameters.

The central lug position and the reduced internal resistance result in increased starting performance.

Batteries can be built in passenger cars and other light commercial vehicles. cars and other light commercial vehicles.

SMF batteries are in black box and with double lid/SMF.

SMF Batteries up to 100Ah made by punched +Ca and expanded -Ca technology.


Long life thanks to the computer designed lead grid, the polyethylene separator and the anti-shake design.

Reliable continuous and outstanding quality independently from weather conditions, in Anti-shake box.

Outstanding starting current due to the centralized flag and the low inner resistance.

Minimal water consumption owing to the lead/calcium technology and the HD system (for trucks).

Batteries up to 100Ah made by expanded Ca/Ca technology (CaCa).

Batteries over 100Ah made by standard lead antimony battery technology (PbSb).

Powerful car and truck engines require more starting power, the kind of power that comes with a Novsta battery. Plus, our batteries are clean, self-contained and spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about battery durability as every battery passed a very precise & accurate quality control & pre-delivery inspection one by one .


To learn more about Novsta quality, high performance car and
truck batteries, contact us today.


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